Live Animals are on the loose! This ferocious duo set fire to El Corazon last night in a musical blaze to be remembered. Presented by 7Deadly Records, the event marked the long-awaited release of Live Animals’ first EP entitled, Fruits.

The night opened up with a vs. set between DJ Fuke and Leon. Once the crowd was warmed up, Spamtron took over alongside SeanBad to keep the heat going.

Next up, Live Animals sprung from their cage as the main attraction in all their glowing Squirtle glasses glory.

Topping it all off, secret special guest Fighter X blasted the crowd with a heavy dose of new hits and old classics, a perfect way to end the perfect show.

Thanks to all who played and all who came, it was a fantastic night! Check out some video footage here.

If you didn’t get a chance to grab a copy at the show, good news is that the Live Animals’ Fruits EP is available as a hard copy and digital download RIGHT HERE on!