From a couple of Crunchy’s favorite former (or future?) artists, USK and Firebrand Boy, I give you new music. In case you’ve missed out the last couple days on 8bc, here’s a pair of complementary blippy ditties from each artist, both uncommon but neither unheard of from its creator.

First off comes a noisy number from the fiery-bearded Scot, but not unreasonably so, as pure-chip-break is blended with of cascading melody fragments, providing both a contrast and unique harmony to one another. Tycho Bear is certainly quite good, but still pales in comparison to his epic Spring Republic of years past.

Then comes a very, unusual, USK track; very standard to the world of chip, but remarkably sparse from an artist known for often frustratingly stereo-spectral chord commands. “A Happier Girl“ is not much special, but it’s good, simple fun. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Also look here, CrunchyCo will be at PAX this year!