If you attended Dot Matrix Revolutions last night, then you know what happened. Otherwise, this is where you can read about what you missed (and cry about it)!

Coordinated by The Icarus Kid, this nighttime spectacle brought the 8-bit to the bar room at The Comet in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Being a 21+ show, there was a noticeable absence of the standard youngster fanbase in which artists such as SeanBad and Fighter X are accustomed to entertaining. However, the unsuspecting older crowd seemed to be having a good time anyway! Whether they genuinely enjoyed the low bit game boy throbs, or if they were just drunk enough to believe they enjoyed it, everyone was having a good time at The Comet that night.

SeanBad opened the evening and got everyone warmed up as they took their first sips from the bar. Fighter X then “took a shot” at pumping up the crowd, who had also been taking many shots themselves. To cool things off a bit, Leeni, who seems to have been in hiding for months, finally emerged again to play her classic lovable anthems accompanied by acoustic guitar, a refreshing twist indeed. Topping it all off, The Icarus Kid dazzled drunken night owls with his fascinating light display synced to a menagerie of NES mixes.

It’s always great to see the chiptune scene spread into new domains, from community centers to teen venues, from cafes to bars; to places where even homeless people and taxi drivers alike can sell their roses or practice bizarre exercises outside their car to the 8-bit beat. Enjoy a few lovely photos below, taken courtesy of my outdated phone.