Fun fact: The stick-figure in the corner is my depiction of Aaron from our old comics!

That’s right, CrunchyCo’s very own Aaron Campion has turned 23 today! I found this awesome Polaroid of him while digging through my mess of computer files. I have no clue who took it, or where it came from (and he will probably think it’s embarrassing), but I think it’s pretty sweet!

Aaron and I have been good friends since we met in first grade. Ever since then, we’ve been doing imaginative projects together, from comic books, to board games, to movies, to music. Our combined minds have come up with some strange things things over the years, and we’ve always sort of lived in our own weird world together. You can probably tell just by looking at photos of us performing as KGHB, for example. For some reason, dressing up in tight shiny outfits and flailing around on a stage in front of people just makes a lot of sense to us. Or going back even further in our wacky musical endeavors, wearing Japanese masks and spewing out chunks of bloody banana to grindcore Mega Man remixes; now that made perfect sense! But probably just to us…

Anyway, the point is that no matter how old we’ve become, we’ve always been and will always be one unique duo who will continue creating things to share with the world together. I owe it to Aaron for kicking me back into gear when I procrastinate, and for always being so happy to perform the tedious tasks that I would never have the patience to do in my life.

So happy birthday to Aaron! Without him, this website of ours probably wouldn’t exist.