Kreese has released footage from the long awaited (by me at least) Project PAL cartridges! They have the old “reggae” style sticker artwork, and will be available as a very limited run of PAL-B NES album carts. A total of 32 exclusive carts will be made, however 7 have already been given away! I hope I will be able to get one! :) Project PAL will eventually be released as a free ROM/NSF/MP3 digital download. Below is some information from Kreese himself:

Finally this project is ready! The project started in early 2010. It all began when NO CARRIER released the source for VegaPlay. It made me really happy because with VegaPlay I could present my songs with a menu and with some grahics. On a real NES system, using my PowerPak, after compiling it to a .nes rom-file. I made some test songs in FamiTracker (made by jsr). Then I created a multi-song-nsf and experimented with the VegaPlay source. First I had to learn how to inlude graphics. Using a program called yy-chr made it quite easy. I even had to learn a little about coding, pallettes and stuff. But Don Miller (NO CARRIER) had documented the source really good, so it wasn’t to hard to get into it…

Now I wanted to go the whole way and do like Alex Mauer already have done, release a cartridge filled with music! Then I started thinking of the songs, and felt like it would be hard to make 8-10 songs myself. First I tried to gather 10 different composers to participate on the planned cart. After a while I realised that it was only me and two more composers, motivated enough to finish anything. So now we started composing. Me, Wiklund and zabutom

Even though we where only three people included in the composing it took a bit longer then I first expected. Along with the coding I started to play a bit more with the graphics. I got the idea to include some pictures of us, the composers. I also wanted it to be quite colorful and NO CARRIER helped me with some pallette shifting when changing songs. You can se the result here:

By this time I bought an eprom burner on eBay. Pinge80 a friend of mine had bought one a couple of months before. He had promised that he could help me and make some carts, but I felt like I wanted to learn the whole process myself. He supplied me with some donor carts, and some eproms. (Thanks mate!)

When the rom-file finally was ready I made a test burn in the eprom burner and after some struggling with “filling up the eproms” it worked! Seven donor carts, some soldering, label designing, label printing and the result looks like this: