New from Image Comics, Corey Lewis’ SEEDLESS takes you into a colorful wild world where the grapes have minds of their own!

Seedless Volume 1 by Corey Lewis

Harmony Treblecleff, daughter of an eccentric inventor, finds herself teaming up with a band of seedless grape warriors and thrust into an epic mission to defend the galaxy from an army of rogue grapes gone bad! Join Harmony and the S-Grapes as they encounter wild animals, giant robots, and more on their quest to save the universe.

After starting out as a weekly web comic sponsored and hosted by Pink Gorilla Games, Image Comics picked up on the Seedless story and compiled it into one manga-sized book. With 128 full-color pages, the printed edition is packed with style and imagination, and chock full of supplemental material and bonus artwork by special guest artists (including CrunchyCo’s own Gabe Hayward!).

SEEDLESS Volume 1 debuts in comic book stores today, August 18, so go pick up your copy right now! The book is also available online at places like (with free super saver shipping, ooh!).

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