In case you’re not up on the latest internet gossip… Fighter X front-man Nickolas Walthew has officially given his other half the boot. Jack Waterman, who had teamed up with Nick as Fighter X for over a year, is now looking to start anew as a solo artist. The recent split sets the former member count to two, Waterman now sharing common ground with a certain Mac Dobbins (AKA Sphyramid), a part of the original Fighter X duo of days long past. Perhaps this means a two-man Fighter X was never meant to be, but what does this mean for Jack now that he’s on his own? I had a little chat with him to find out…

* * *

GABE: Jack!
JACK: Hey man, whats up?

GABE: Oh nothing… I heard the news that Fighter X is no longer a duo! When did you two break up!?
JACK: Last Sunday I think [September 12].

GABE: Some kind of dispute? Or did Nick just feel like going solo again?
JACK: I’d forgotten to advertise shows lately and whatnot, so he thought some things that weren’t true, made some demands, some accusations. I stood up to him about it, and he kicked me out. Pretty much what i expected to happen.

GABE: Would you say you two had creative differences too?
JACK: He’s an extremely formulaic writer. I could never break the “Fighter X” style, and it was annoying for me that I wasn’t allowed to use happy chord progressions!

GABE: Aw. Nick tells me you were pretty pissed about the whole thing.
JACK: Wouldn’t you be?

GABE: You guys still on good terms? I’m worried about you!
JACK: He kicked me out of the band. It’s not gonna be solved with cookies.

GABE: Mmm… cookies. Well, doesn’t the upcoming Fighter X album still feature you in a lot of tracks?
JACK: I suppose so. Any of his that I worked on. I don’t know what those are anymore though.

GABE: And I assume you won’t be benefiting from the release, since it’s going to be free, right?
JACK: Yeah, he’s all about the free music these days.

GABE: Now that you’re on your own, do you feel any more creative freedom?
JACK: Definitely. I can do whatever i want.

Jack as a solo artist back in the day

GABE: So it’s kind of turning out to be a good thing in a way.
JACK: Yeah. It still sucks, but in the end I was getting sick of being a workhorse and not getting enough credit.

GABE: I think a lot of people have always seen Nick as Fighter X by himself anyway, right? Like even as a duo, it was still kinda like a “Fighter X + Jack” thing.
JACK: Don’t I know it.

GABE: Not talking about Nick specifically, do you miss collaborating with another person in general, or would you prefer to be alone and have complete control?
JACK: Honestly, I do miss the group dynamic. I think the worst part of all this is that I still really want someone else to work with. I’ve never really wanted to be a solo artist, I’ve always just had to.

GABE: Like with Circles?
JACK: I feel like Circles proved I’m capable of working alone, but that doesn’t mean I want to.

GABE: I see you do have a new project going?
JACK: Yeah, I do. WA needs something new.

GABE: If Electric Children kicks off, do you see yourself playing shows with the solo Fighter X in the future? That would be interesting.
JACK: I’m sure it’ll happen. I wouldn’t turn down a show.

GABE: Any final thoughts on the matter?
JACK: I guess I just hope people keep looking out for new stuff. There’s nothing deep about this whole thing, I’m just going to keep partying ’till I die.

GABE: Cool. Well, I’m going to go waste time on NetFlix or something. Keep me posted on your new stuff.
JACK: Thanks, Seeya Gabe.

* * *

Jack has already started posting tracks for his new project, Electric Children. Check out “Rise from the Grave” below, and look out for more tunes from him as time goes on. Even though Nick and Jack have gone their separate ways, I’m sure we’ll continue seeing (and hearing) amazing new things from both of them in the future.