8-bit craftsman and friend of Crunchy, Dan Crowdus, otherwise known as The Icarus Kid, will be releasing his long-awaited full length album this week! With artwork by James Franzen, and thirteen NEStalgic tracks of video game past remixed and revamped for your listening pleasure, The Icarus Kid album is sure to take you back (to the dance floor that is).

Don’t miss the CD release party, Tuesday Sep 14, 8pm at the Nectar Lounge, Seattle. Joining the Icarus Kid will be Splatinum, Supercommuter, and Sports. 21+ only, $3 cover. If you don’t get a chance to pick up the album at the party, it will be available right here in the Crunchy shop as both a hard copy and digital download for $11.99 starting Wednesday September 15.