This Thursday, September 30th, OpenHeart and Neumos presents “There is a Light that Never Goes Out,” a benefit concert for Holly Mattson, who is in great need of medical funding after having suffered a terrible car accident that put her into critical condition. Come out to support a worthy cause, and witness some fantastic musical acts by some of Seattle’s finest local artists.

On the roster we have our lovely Leeni, who shall be joyously joined by two fresh members! That’s right, the solo artist formly known as Leeni, is now a three-part band currently known as… well, also Leeni! This will be the first night Leeni is performing as Leeni the band, so don’t miss their debut!

Other talent for the night includes Like Lightning (and guests), Bradford in Taxco, Leslie Beattie, Tretalange, Mikey Davis (Calligraphers), Joshua Morrison, The Small Change, Aaron Mannino, The Missionary Position, and DJ JV.

Oh, and did we mention that all these guys and gals will be performing their own renditions of songs by The Smiths and Morrisey? That’s kind of the theme for the night. How does that sound for entertainment?

Neumos, September 30th, 8pm, $10, 21+