Wha-wha-whaaaat?? Just when you thought CrunchyCo was dead, here we are at the forefront of the next big thing in chiptune this side of the coast. You didn’t think we’d abandon you, did you? 😉

CrunchyCo is working in collaboration with Bookr (some of the guys behind Seattle’s famous Decibel Festival) to gather the hottest chiptune talent around and wrap it up into one hard-hitting package we like to call: X-BIT

X-Bit is a series of monthly chiptune events aimed at showcasing local talent from the Pacific Northwest, as well as guests from around the world. We want to bring it all to one place under one name, so the next time your friends ask you when and where the next Seattle chip show is, you’ll always have the answer!


If you think this is going to be like Seattle chiptune shows of days past, think again! This time we’re bringing in some of the pros with the help of Bookr to deliver an audio/visual experience that will blow your mind! X-Bit will combine hot tunes with an astounding light show and pixel art from graphic designers, Seattle VJs, and local indie game developers. You do NOT want to miss this.

The first two X-Bit shows will take place at Pink Gorilla Games in the University District. Plans are in motion to move the event to bigger venues as time goes on.

X-Bit 1: Friday, March 30
Johnny Nero Action Hero, MCFiredrill, Abducted by Sharks, Stenobot
Pink Gorilla Games, 4341 University Way NE
Doors @ 8:30, $10 – BUY TICKETS NOW!

X-Bit 2: Friday, April 6
Electric Children, Kids Get Hit by Buses, Live Animals, Ovenrake
Pink Gorilla Games, 4341 University Way NE
Doors @ 8:30, $10 – BUY TICKETS NOW!

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See you there!