It’s been a pretty interesting experience trying to restore the site after the hack… with WordPress always changing, I find many of plugins stop working. The old audio player we were using completely disappeared! Hopefully this new one stays around for awhile:


Another project of mine was to make navigation easier and add some goodies. For example, you can now go to “releases” and download any ZIP without viewing the album’s full page. You have the same options in “simple view“, so use this if you plan on downloading many albums at once. Now there are (!) icons next to songs in album tables that have extra details, such as lyrics (see KGHB).

Speaking of releases, I went through my collection and added some long-lost releases that were listed as unavailable. These are CR13, CR11, and CR05.

I’m trying to get CRUNCHY silky smooth, so please let me know if you come across any problems or have a suggestion! Hit me up at: