Artist: Dexter

Title: Dexter

Year: 2010

Format: Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR35


Five colourful tracks coming from Britain to kick your arse! Dexter's new flavourful speciality is chip-house, which will pump you up like a grotty moustache! Enjoy this savoury titbit, rumour has it Dexter is departing from the chip. Programme artwork by Arun Dhir.

  # Title  
♔ Dexter ♕  01. Secrets  
♔ Dexter ♕  02. At Last  
♔ Dexter ♕  03. Infinity  
♔ Dexter ♕  04. Pacific Dreams (feat Pola)  
♔ Dexter ♕  05. Secrets (Dubstep Rub)