Artist: Leeni

Title: 8 Bit Heart

Year: 2007

Format: CD & Digital Album

Catalog Number: LR01


It's your typical girl meets Game Boy love story. Girl grows weary of same old sound. Girl seeks out new inspiration. Girl discovers Game Boy. Girl says, "Hello Game Boy. Will you make music with me?" Game Boy says "Beep boop bop boop beep." Girl falls for Game Boy. And together they make a beautiful 8-Bit Heart.

  # Title  
  01. Raw Footage  
  02. Headphones on Your Heart  
  03. Animatronic Boy  
  04. Deafening  
  05. Death's Little Brother  
  06. Magic Machine  
  07. Perfection Interrupted  
  08. Live Asleep  
  09. Over and Over