Artist: Stenobot

Title: Sink or Swim We'll Go Together

Year: 2010

Format: CD & Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR34


Come on a beautiful journey through joy and sorrow in this poignant new release from Stenobot. Better known as the musical force behind Seattle's Supercommuter, Stenobot brings a unique blend of quirky Game Boy sounds and dreamy pop melodies on his first solo album. Featuring vocals by Jen Wood (solo artist and guest vocalist on The Postal Service's 'Nothing Better' and 'Such Great Heights') and Jeff Suffering (Suffering and the Hideous Thieves).

  # Title  
✌ Stenobot  01. Running and Jumping  
✌ Stenobot  02. Far Too Far (feat Jeff Suffering)  
✌ Stenobot  03. Counts  
✌ Stenobot  04. Black Clouds  
✌ Stenobot  05. The Dark, Dark Cave  
✌ Stenobot  06. Vincristine  
✌ Stenobot  07. Fallen Leaves  
✌ Stenobot  08. Our Bodies Are Fragile  
✌ Stenobot  09. Sleepy Room  
✌ Stenobot  10. Butterfly Wings (feat Jen Wood)  
✌ Stenobot  11. Veil  
✌ Stenobot  12. Dancing Shadows part 1  
✌ Stenobot  13. Dancing Shadows part 2