Artist: Various Artists

Title: Project PAL

Year: 2010

Format: NES Cartridge & Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR33


Inspired by albums such as Alex Mauer's VEGAVOX, Kreese and his 'pals' Wiklund and Zabutom came together to create the first European NES cart album! US and PAL cartridges possibly coming soon, for now this release is available as a free download. MP3s were recorded using real hardware. Sticker artwork by Kreese and Ville Konttinen.

  # Title  
KREESE  01. Kreese - CRAZY FOOL  
KREESE  02. Kreese - SPACE LOVE  
KREESE  03. Kreese - HEAVY PUNCH  
KREESE  04. Kreese - HAPPY DANCE  
ZABUTOM  05. Zabutom - MEGAPALZ  
ZABUTOM  06. Zabutom - STAY SHARP  
WIKLUND  07. Wiklund - MIDGET  
WIKLUND  08. Wiklund - JUICY