Artist: Circles

Title: Rapture

Year: 2008

Format: CD & Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR21


Rapture is the first recorded LSDJ work of Circles. The EP boasts 4 powerful chiptune hits and an LSDJ Remix of the popular song, “Electronic Girl.” With the release of Rapture, Jack welcomes his fans and listeners to the new sound of Circles-and starts it off with a bang.

  # Title  
❍ Circles ❏  01. Buster Wolf  
❍ Circles ❏  02. Rock, Epoch!  
❍ Circles ❏  03. Falcon Punch  
❍ Circles ❏  04. Great Adventure  
❍ Circles ❏  05. Electronic Girl (Gamegirl Remix)