What is CrunchyCo?

CrunchyCo is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the progression of creative arts in the Pacific Northwest, most prominently within the musical methods of CHIPTUNE, a radical digital-age art form we’ve been procuring in the Seattle area since the beginning. Over the past several years, the CrunchyCo network of friends has made the Seattle chip scene by curating events, and providing open avenues for artists and fans to come together.

Who are you people?

We’re just a couple of regular guys with regular jobs, and a passion for cool nerd stuff. Aaron Campion and Gabe Hayward are on the forefront of this revolution, leading the way to awesomeness in their spare time.

I make music. How do I get on your label?

Send us your tunes, yo. Let’s be friends.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: CrunchyCo is NOT a record “label.” We hold ZERO claim to your art. No matter what we release on our site, your music belongs to you 100% and YOU retain complete freedom. You don’t have to put our name on it, and we don’t take a penny of your money (unless YOU want us to!). CrunchyCo is much less of a label, and much more of a community.

I like you. How can I help?

Idk, how CAN you help? You tell us. There are many ways to get involved depending on your unique talents and abilities, or simply your enthusiasm for the scene. Artists, musicians, fans, DJs, VJs, romoters, designers, whatever. If you have anything to offer, give us a shout! And of course, anyone can help us out by donating! All donations remain soley within the CrunchyCo collective for use on funding future projects for YOUR benefit. Anything helps, kids.