Artist: Live Animals

Title: Fruits

Year: 2010

Format: CD & Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR31


Live Animals makes their official debut on 7Deadly Records / Crunchy Records with their first EP! Enjoy the juicy taste of Bananas, Kiwis, and Pineapples, then more Kiwis! The Special Edition Fruits EP includes remixes by Deepearth.void, SeanBad, Spamtron, and Fighter X! Delicious!

  # Title  
☠Live Animals  01. Live Animals - Bananas  
☠Live Animals  02. Live Animals - Kiwis  
☠Live Animals  03. Live Animals - Pineapples  
☠Live Animals  04. Deepearth.void - Kiwis Sliced RMX  
☠Live Animals  05. Seanbad - Kiwis Rotten RMX  
☠Live Animals  06. Spamtron - Kiwis Diced RMX  
☠Live Animals  07. Fighter X - Kiwis Fresh RMX