Artist: Spamtron

Title: D-Pad

Year: 2009

Format: Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR30

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Spamtron’s D-PAD EP is a short four track collection of Spamtron’s LSDJ works, infusing the raw sounds of the Game Boy with a heavy dose of Spamtron style. Cover artwork by Hassan Radheyyan takes a parodical approach to Justice’s “Cross” album. Each of the four tracks on D-PAD have a unique feel and appropriately represent one of the four directions on a Game Boy’s D-Pad.

  # Title  
$ P A M ✟ R O N  01. UP  
$ P A M ✟ R O N  02. DOWN  
$ P A M ✟ R O N  03. LEFT  
$ P A M ✟ R O N  04. RIGHT