Artist: Xylo

Title: Thirteen

Year: 2009

Format: Digital Album

Catalog Number: CR29

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Xylo's very first release, celebrating Thirteen years of music composition, since Xylo was... well Thirteen years old! More than Thirteen milky tracks, featuring other artists such as Algar, Wiklund, Nyhlin, Cerror, Joule, and samples from Malmen! Cover artwork by Ville Konttinen.

  # Title  
➠XYLO  01. Spark  
➠XYLO  02. Apple  
➠XYLO  03. Omayra  
➠XYLO  04. Cuadix  
➠XYLO  05. 1566 (feat Algar)  
➠XYLO  06. Strawberry Road  
➠XYLO  07. Monsters (feat Wiklund)  
➠XYLO  08. Subway (feat Nyhlin)  
➠XYLO  09. Yosik  
➠XYLO  10. Hi (feat Wiklund, Cerror, Joule)  
➠XYLO  11. 716 B.C.  
➠XYLO  12. Caramel Colour (feat Wiklund)  
➠XYLO  13. Journey to the Stars (feat Wiklund)  
➠XYLO  14. Friday (feat Cerror)  
➠XYLO  15. Moonbeam (feat Cerror)  
➠XYLO  16. A Summer Afternoon (feat Cerror)