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USK @ the SLAB

It’s been an amazing weekend with our guests USK and Nordloef! Thanks to everyone who came out to support all the artists at the 8-Bit Showcase during Folklife. I will be posting some video footage from the show soon. Until then, here’s a clip of USK performing at the Georgetown Drum School the night before:

YouTube Preview Image

More videos from the SLAB, and from the Folklife 2010 8-Bit Showcase soon!

Shiftwave Date Confirmed

For those of you who don’t know, Shiftwave is a West-Coast chiptune celebration that has evolved from humble beginnings in 2008 as a little event called “Chipfest.” Since then, it has been re-named, re-organized, and re-vamped to be better than ever. Taking over Seattle’s Vera Project for the second time, Shiftwave 2010 is sure to bring a unique line-up of thrills our way yet again. After much planning and deliberation, a date has finally been selected, and that date is June 26! See you there!

Check out Shiftwave.org to keep up on the details

Saturday Fun w/ USK & Nordloef

As you may know, we’ll be having some very special international guests joining us this weekend. USK from Japan, and Nordloef from Sweden, will both be taking over the 8-Bit Showcase stage during NW Folklife on Sunday. To make the most of their visit, both artists will be performing at other shows the night before. If you want a good primer for Folklife, be sure to check out one of these events on Saturday:

Saturday May 29th, 7pm
USK, KGHB, SeanBad, Substandard
Georgetown Drum School (SLAB) – 1010 Bailey St, Seattle, WA
($5 entry)

Saturday May 29th, 7pm
Nordloef, McFiredrill, Oven Rake, Total Sh*t (+more)
Dr. Dad’s Fort – 2629 French Rd, Olympia, WA

Fighter X Online at MegaForce

For all things Fighter X, check out the recently launched MegaForce, the official Fighter X news source and blog. The site is still fresh and under much construction, but check back often for exclusive content straight from Fighter X themselves.

Upcoming Events in May

After taking a bit of a break, Leeni is back in action and ready to celebrate with some chiptune wonder at the High Dive on May 16th. Be sure to check it out!

Next up, if you can’t make it to the Folklife 8-Bit Showcase on the 30th (or even if you can!), don’t miss your chance to see USK while he’s in town! On May 29th, USK will be joining KGHB, SeanBad, and Substandard, at the Georgetown LAB (aka the SLAB). See what tricks KGHB has at their first show of the new year, and get primed for Folklife the next day with a early dose of USK!

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