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Artist: Live Animals

Title: Fruits CR31

Year: 2010

Live Animals makes their official debut on 7Deadly Records / Crunchy Records with their first EP! Enjoy the juicy taste of Bananas, Kiwis, and Pineapples, then more Kiwis! The Special Edition Fruits EP includes remixes by Deepearth.void, SeanBad, Spamtron, and Fighter X! Delicious!


Artist: Spamtron

Title: D-Pad CR30

Year: 2009

Spamtron’s D-PAD EP is a short four track collection of Spamtron’s LSDJ works, infusing the raw sounds of the Game Boy with a heavy dose of Spamtron style. Cover artwork by Hassan Radheyyan takes a parodical approach to Justice’s “Cross” album. Each of the four tracks on D-PAD have a unique feel and appropriately represent one of the four directions on a Game Boy’s D-Pad.


Artist: Xylo

Title: Thirteen CR29

Year: 2009

Xylo’s very first release, celebrating Thirteen years of music composition, since Xylo was… well Thirteen years old! More than Thirteen milky tracks, featuring other artists such as Algar, Wiklund, Nyhlin, Cerror, Joule, and samples from Malmen! Cover artwork by Ville Konttinen.


Artist: Fighter X

Title: Fighter X CR28

Year: 2009

Working together, Nickolas and Jack (of Circles) present a full album release for their first time together as the duo Fighter X! With twice the power behind an astounding 18 tracks, the newfound duality of Fighter X is a force to behold. Cover logo by Max Hulker.


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