Bored? Depressed? Tired of wasting your life sitting around bars? Or do you just have a free evening next Wednesday? Allow me to describe to you a night, July the 14th, filled with chips and dancing and every sort of drink you could imagine.

As the night begins, SeanBad will takes center stage, Game Boy in hand, in first attempts to rile the  mildly inebriated crowd with his banging fidget-chip, bass drops included.

The crowd will find themselves mildly impressed, but want more. Fighter X delivers, rocking out side by side with fast-paced epic chip-trance jams, blowing straight through their minds and into their hearts.

Knowing this populous of paying patrons desires variety, and is now tired from partying so hard, Leeni will slow things down with her sometimes anthemic vocal-laden pop chip masterpieces.

The night will conclude with none other than The Icarus Kid, who will finish off the crowd (already warmed over by heavy-hitters of our own), fusing chip sounds with building melodies and straight-up dance music.

You can witness this fantastic feat first-hand at The Comet Tavern, 922 E Pike St (just off Broadway) in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area! For only $5, have your mind blown. Music will commence at 9PM. For those 21 & up only.

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