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In which I review 8bc’s weekly top track*

Steady C‘s “I’m a Blast (THIS IS HIP HOP SON!)” is this recent week’s most liked track on 8bitcollective. I couldn’t tell you why, to be honest. There doesn’t seem to be a lot in the way of chip involved in this track, beyond what sounds like a three second loop repeating throughout the entire song, topped by a hint […]

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We’re Not Dead!

I’ve been without proper internet, Aaron’s always been the backend man, and Gabe’s just lazy. But fret not, CrunchyCo is not truly inactive, simply non-posting! Be on the lookout for new KGHB in the coming months (old by now– not more than three years past the original release date, promise!) and be sure not to miss the duo at the […]

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Live Animals at KTUB tonight!

I don’t know why I hadn’t found out about this earlier, but Live Animals are playing tonight at the Kirkland Teen Union Building with Triceracon, Night Terrors and Japanese artist Pressure Suit. This show is $2, at 148 Kirkland Ave. in Kirkland, WA, and runs from 8-11PM. Be there because I can’t!

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Until this point, I had not heard proof Korg’s DS-10 software could be used in order to create real music. Vancouver, B.C.’s Bryface, as silly a name as it may be, has proven me wrong. Using only a single DS, here is Warmth of the Sun. This track will feature on his upcoming album comprising at least ten tracks of DS-10, […]

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Oven Rake Shaved!

A new track from local boy-man and friend of Crunchy, Oven Rake has found its way onto 8bitcollective in the last couple days. To be honest, I don’t know that I ever noticed him to have anything in the way of facial hair, but here it is for your listening pleasure, Shaved My Face, trying his best “not to rip off […]

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