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New Anamanaguchi Single “My Skateboard Will Go On”

Really, this one is from a few days ago, but no one needs to know how lazy Gabe and I have been while Aaron’s been busy updating other site features. Get it now, same place as last time, at Anamanaguchi‘s own web site. The full two-track release includes beautiful animated cover art by Ryder Ripps, as well as B-side R4INBOW IN THE D4RK (Das […]

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Six Tracks of Daft Punk “Tron” Soundtrack Debuted

Little news on the reason for these apparently being made available on Disney’s own website before promptly being pulled, all in the course of Friday–but here they are. In all DP and Tron goodness, with a flair of the dramatic and quite clearly a movie score, (presumably the first) six tracks of their soundtrack for upcoming Tron Legacy, set to […]

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Stenobot Album Preview

Welcome Stenobot, the newest addition to the CrunchyCo lineup! Hailing from our little town of Seattle, WA, Stenobot fuses chiptune melodies, beats and bits of noise with guitars, classic keyboards and often his own vocals in the creation of remarkably human electronic pop music. Stenobot has been an integral third of local chip-hop group Supercommuter for the past 2 1/2 years, […]

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Live Animals Tees Now Available!

To go with hard copy music, get your brand new dryer soft* Live Animals tee in our shop today! Proclaim to the world “I am a live animal!” with these fabulous black and white shirts, available now for just $14.99 here. *Softness not guaranteed.

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Get it While it’s Hot!

HIT IT World BRK, a new short Fighter X track “made in a few hours the other day.” Pick it up now before its 8bc download is struck down by the man himself! Surprisingly little BRK BRK BRK. Far more biddleybiddley.

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