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CR39 Various Artists 10 Years of Crunchy

This compilation was released at the Seattle 8-bit Showcase on 8/30 to celebrate Crunchy Records’ 10th Anniversary. Yep, it’s been 10 years since the start of Seattle chip artists Fighter X and KGHB, can you believe it? Album art (by Scott Klep) is a throwback to the Crunchy 2007 compilation.

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CR38 Fruits v2.0

For all you fruity fans waiting for more Live Animals… here is Fruits v2.0. Experience an all new take on hit track “Kiwis”, a remix of unreleased track “Mangos” that never made it on v1.0, and an all-new track “Strawberries”. No remixes this time, but a whole lot more power due to the duo Midi-NES.

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Early version of the songs were started in 2007 and all recordings were finished in 2010… many fans thought this album would never see the light of day! It wasn’t until 2013 that the tracks were found and restored. The Crunchy edition of this release includes never-before-heard demos, enjoy! Big props to Scott Klep for the artwork.

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CR36 Spamtron NGU

SPAM has done it again! In Never Give Up, the follow-up album to Never Say Die, the earthlings take to space to defend their dear planet. This time the battle is much longer, spanning across 26 tracks of crunchy chaos. Check out the full artwork by Ville Konttinen to find out which side appears victorious.

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CR34 Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together

Come on a beautiful journey through joy and sorrow in this poignant new release from Stenobot. Better known as the musical force behind Seattle’s Supercommuter, Stenobot brings a unique blend of quirky Game Boy sounds and dreamy pop melodies on his first solo album. Featuring vocals by Jen Wood (guest vocalist for The Postal Service).

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