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Shop – Hard Copies Now Available

Previously “out of stock” albums are now available in the shop as hard-copies. Most of them should also provide an mp3 download link so that you can get the tracks as mp3s while you wait for the hard copy to arrive by mail.

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CrunchyCo Back from Temporary Shut-Down

If you’ve tried to access CrunchyCo.com within the last week, you may have noticed that, well, it wasn’t there! Sorry ’bout that! We had a temporary problem, but as you can see, the issue has been resolved! CrunchyCo is back online! Thanks for your patience! PS – If you tried to contact the webmaster via email during the down time, […]

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Comic section being worked on!

I figured I’d let people know, comics are now being re-added to the site. If you enjoyed “What a Treat” and “Z-Spat”, then look forward to this section!

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Site under construction
LoTek Southern Militia

Hopefully you guys enjoy the new layout! Content is still being added and new features are underway! Changes are happening here daily. Make sure to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / Myspace / RSS to receive the latest updates. Thank you for your support and patience!

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