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Now that it’s spring, let’s enjoy streaming

STREAM! In order to keep current with all these music site’s and services, I’ve added “streaming” to all music pages (that exist). This is perfect for those who have been too lazy to download and unzip the albums, or those who hate clicking “play” on each individual song. Enjoy this on the following CR releases: 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, […]

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New Audio Player, Layout Changes, & More

It’s been a pretty interesting experience trying to restore the site after the hack… with WordPress always changing, I find many of plugins stop working. The old audio player we were using completely disappeared! Hopefully this new one stays around for awhile: Born2chip Another project of mine was to make navigation easier and add some goodies. For example, you can […]

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Site up and running… I think

I spend my vacation working 40+ hours getting this site up and running again! Some new features that you will notice are… download links are working, catalog up through 2010 is up to date, new side column showing “recent news”, AND comments are enabled below posts. Before you had to sign up via wordpress, but not you can enter a […]

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Crunchy down due to JavaScript malware attack

If you’ve seen a blank screen in the last year… sorry about that, our PHP files were injected with JavaScript malware. I’m slowly trying to get things up and running again, mainly just for fun. Most artists prefer using sites like Bandcamp these days to post music, even myself. Some positive news, I printed & signed some ultra rare KGHB […]

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X-Bit: Back for Round 2!

For those of you who attended the first X-Bit show, you know how awesome it was. Are you ready for Round 2!? We’re going to rock it even harder this week so join us again for X-Bit Part 2: Revenge of X-Bit, THIS FRIDAYApril 6 at Pink Gorilla U-District. In case you haven’t heard, X-Bit is an all-new series of […]

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