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Artist: Spamtron

Title: Never Say Die! CR19

Year: 2008

Spamtron takes chip music to the next level with his first major release. Blast off into a world of fast-paced robot action and experience 18 tracks of spam! All new adventures, and a whole lot of Spamtron!


Artist: Wiklund

Title: Wing Beat CR18

Year: 2008

Eight whimsical chiptunes to immerse you into a pixelated paradise. This CD features such Wiklund hits as the epic title track “Wing Beats,” the dreamlike “Makeshift Clone,” and more. Plus cover artwork by Fighter X!


Artist: Firebrand Boy

Title: popNaive CR17

Year: 2008

The long awated first album from Firebrand boy is finally here! Indulge yourself in 11 delicately re-constructed tracks from the charming melodies of “Famous,” to triumphant beats of “The Metropolitan.” Firebrand Boy’s popNaive is sure to put a smile on your face!


Artist: Circles

Title: Goodnight CR16

Year: 2008

Goodnight is the first full-length release by Circles, featuring 10 tracks of catchy electro-pop tunes for your listening pleasure. Mixed and mastered by Mark Heimer of No-Fi Soul Rebellion, it’s fast, fun, and full of wonderful beats and melodies that you’ll catch yourself humming over and over.


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