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Comic-Con 2010 – Saturday Highlight

The Venture Bros have been a big attraction at the con all weekend with various Adult Swim panels and cast appearances throughout. Today I attended the venture-filled panel of joys featuring creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, as well as voice actors James Urbaniak and Patrick Warburton (my personal favorite due to his role as The Tick in Fox’s short-lived live action adaptation). Seeing Jackson […]

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Comic-Con 2010 – Friday Highlight

To my delight, the award winning comic series The Goon by Eric Powell is on its way to becoming a full lenth animated film! If you are unfamiliar with the book, check it out asap!  Teeming with zombie-bashing horror/comedy charm, its got the perfect ingredients for the big screen. While it may not be as mega-hyped as Scott Pilgrim, ooh, […]

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Comic-Con 2010 – Thursday Highlight

The Scott Pilgrim comic series by Brian Lee O’Malley came out in 2004, with the sixth and final volume released just earlier this week. The book’s immense popularity has now spawned a feature film AND a Ubisoft video game. Both will be available in August–the film in theaters and the game on the PlayStation Network. If you haven’t read the […]

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

The biggest comic book convention in the western hemisphere is upon us again! Road-tripping it down to sunny San Diego, Webmaster Gabe will be attending the festivities and keeping an eye out for things of interest, of which there will be many. Stay tuned for news from the con as it is relayed back to Crunchy HQ, and a nice […]

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Shop – Hard Copies Now Available

Previously “out of stock” albums are now available in the shop as hard-copies. Most of them should also provide an mp3 download link so that you can get the tracks as mp3s while you wait for the hard copy to arrive by mail.

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