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USK @ Folklife 2010

Topping off the night, USK brought the “8-bit disco”  all the way from Japan to fill our eager American ears with joy. Truly a fitting closing performance for Seattle’s most epic night of chiptune magic to date. Thanks again to all the artists and fans who came out to support the event; we hope to see you again soon! This […]

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Nordloef @ Folklife 2010

After Fighter X, we witnessed the awesome power of… “Mindluf?” Er– otherwise known as Nordloef, our mysterious masked friend from Sweden lit up the stage with his performance. Oh snickers! This is video 3 of 4. Up next: USK

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Fighter X @ Folklife 2010

Following Spamtron’s killer robot attack, Jack and Nick took over for some “fist-pumping, lazer-blasting face-melts…” This is video 2 of 4. Up next: Nordloef

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Spamtron @ Folklife 2010

This year’s 8-Bit Showcase at Folklife opened up with a bang as Spamtron pumped his energy through the crowd. This first video captures a few of the spammy delights from his set. This is video 1 of 4. Up next: Fighter X.

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USK @ the SLAB

It’s been an amazing weekend with our guests USK and Nordloef! Thanks to everyone who came out to support all the artists at the 8-Bit Showcase during Folklife. I will be posting some video footage from the show soon. Until then, here’s a clip of USK performing at the Georgetown Drum School the night before: More videos from the SLAB, […]

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