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Ive been hard at work this past week to fix/update some pages around the site. There are now music release pages which have more information about releases, such as streamable tracklists! Check it out:

USK – I am a Fuckoka Raver

Live Animals – Fruits
Spamtron – DPAD
Spamtron – Never Say Die
Xylo – Thirteen
Fighter X – Fighter X
Leeni – Labrynth
Leeni – 8 Bit Heart
Circles – Rampage
Circles – Rapture

Ive also added the following to the shop:

KGHB “Goat” Tee
KGHB “Blue Screen” Tee

And yes, in case anyone is wondering, the sexy man modeling the t-shirts is me! :)

Oven Rake Shaved!

A new track from local boy-man and friend of Crunchy, Oven Rake has found its way onto 8bitcollective in the last couple days.

To be honest, I don’t know that I ever noticed him to have anything in the way of facial hair, but here it is for your listening pleasure, Shaved My Face, trying his best “not to rip off Random“.

I don’t hear the similarity, myself, but be sure to let us know if you hear something different.

New Anamanaguchi Single “My Skateboard Will Go On”

Really, this one is from a few days ago, but no one needs to know how lazy Gabe and I have been while Aaron’s been busy updating other site features.

Get it now, same place as last time, at Anamanaguchi‘s own web site. The full two-track release includes beautiful animated cover art by Ryder Ripps, as well as B-side R4INBOW IN THE D4RK (Das Racist Remix).

Listen here, listen now, listen often (but not so often I can’t keep up)!

CR32 – USK – I am a Fuckoka Raver

Artist: USK

Title: I Am a Fuckoka Raver

Year: 2010

Another energy-pumped wave of wild Fuckoka power! USK delivers exactly what you want in this lengthy EP, a release he originally brought with him to the States during his trip to Seattle for Folklife 2010. If you didn’t pick up a copy at the show, don’t miss your chance to get one now!


CR31 – Live Animals – Fruits

Artist: Live Animals

Title: Fruits

Year: 2010

Live Animals makes their official debut on 7Deadly Records / Crunchy Records with their first EP! Enjoy the juicy taste of Bananas, Kiwis, and Pineapples, then more Kiwis! The Special Edition Fruits EP includes remixes by Deepearth.void, SeanBad, Spamtron, and Fighter X! Delicious!


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