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Live Animals Tees Now Available!

To go with hard copy music, get your brand new dryer soft* Live Animals tee in our shop today!
Proclaim to the world “I am a live animal!” with these fabulous black and white shirts, available now for just $14.99 here.

*Softness not guaranteed.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010

The biggest comic book convention in the western hemisphere is upon us again! Road-tripping it down to sunny San Diego, Webmaster Gabe will be attending the festivities and keeping an eye out for things of interest, of which there will be many. Stay tuned for news from the con as it is relayed back to Crunchy HQ, and a nice photo re-cap when the G returns next week!

Shop – Hard Copies Now Available

Previously “out of stock” albums are now available in the shop as hard-copies. Most of them should also provide an mp3 download link so that you can get the tracks as mp3s while you wait for the hard copy to arrive by mail.

Get it While it’s Hot!

HIT IT World BRK, a new short Fighter X track “made in a few hours the other day.”
Pick it up now before its 8bc download is struck down by the man himself!

Surprisingly little BRK BRK BRK. Far more biddleybiddley.

New Anamanaguchi Singles Fortnightly

That’s right, our favorite pop-chip-rock band Anamanaguchi are releasing a new digital single every two weeks, for free! Through what looks to be no sooner than the end of summer, pick up a pair of tracks every chance you remember.

Check out the first I’ve caught word of (maybe the first?), Airbrushed, and show your love for the ‘guchi.

cred: Paul Robertson

To download this entire release, including b-side cover Penpal, visit the singles page on their web site here.

Stay posted for their next single, that’s all for now!

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