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CrunchyCo Chiptune Panel @ PAX Prime

You heard right, CrunchyCo will be infiltrating PAX Prime this year to bring the chiptune experience to the gamer scene first hand.

Free Slurpee Day!

It’s that time of year again, and free consumables are always worth a mention. Visit your local 7-Eleven and get your free mini (7.11oz) frozen drink, today only! Visit them all! Throw it all up and repeat! Run them out of business (because I’m not getting paid to post this)!

Just remember: don’t get the red one, lest Earth be invaded by giant slugs.

The Boom is Back 2010

Missed your chance to get down to the middle of nowhere Oregon (outside of Portland) last weekend? It’s alright, we here at CrunchyCo all did too. But 7 Deadly Records stars Live Animals most certainly did not, and thank god for our blog someone was filming! Briefly recognisable setting up, thanks to Dylan Fleck’s afro and Squirtle glasses, Seattle’s own were just one among hundreds of artists and acts who played this massive event.

YouTube Preview Image

Featured closing out this summary of Saturday night’s fever of a dancefloor is the opening track Bananas off perhaps our new favorite duo’s debut release, Fruits. The limited edition of this EP is available now for purchase in both physical and digital formats from our own shop, as well as any upcoming Live Animals show (this Saturday!)

Also, be on the lookout for Live Animals tees, coming your way soon!

Dot Matrix Revolutions

Bored? Depressed? Tired of wasting your life sitting around bars? Come down to The Comet Tavern on July 14th, where for only $5, your mind will be blown with chip music including our own Leeni, Fighter X, and CrunchyCo friend SeanBad. For those 21 & up only.

Fighter X – Cobalt

Fighter X, coming off 2009’s LSDJ-based release FIGHTER X, have ventured back into familiar territory with a new track entitled Cobalt. This track returns to an earlier sound much akin to Chrance v.1, back from the olden days when Nick still flew solo on his EMX. At the low, low tempo of 137bpm, this song may come as a shock to fans of fast-paced biddley favorites such as Time to Die, but fits right in with some more melodic tunes you’ve probably heard from the duo.

Should you look for this track on an upcoming release? It’s probably too soon to say, but give it a spin and let us (& them!) know what you think right here, or check it out over on 8bitcollective.

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