NW chip is dead :)



Slowly Shutting Down

Well, not necessarily shutting down, but in the process of switching gears. Some recent “updates”:
* Disabled user registration
* Disabled comments on posts
* Disabled forum

There’s a reason for all this, I promise. Stay tuned.


Shop Down

CrunchyCo will be undergoing some major changes this month. As you have noticed, we’ve been inactive since early May, which is far too long to be inactive in our opinion, thus we will soon be switching gears completely so that our inactivity has more of an excuse.

The first change to be made is that you’ll notice there are no items for sale in the Shop anymore. Don’t worry, these items may still be available in the near future, just not from us.

More big changes to come. All will be explained soon.

Icarus Kid Tees Now Available!

Now the Icarus Kid brings the noise to your dresser drawers, rocking out on this eye-popping new t-shirt design for your wearing pleasure! Display it with pride fair warriors, and your heart containers shall never be depleted. Comes in unisex and ladies, with color options too!


KGHB’s Fun with Fiber Optics

KGHB is preparing to embed sound-sensitive fiber optic lighting into their killer new outfits! The third version of their signature costuming will be worn during future performances with a Tron-style glow! Check out the video to hear a preview of some new KGHB, and watch how the wire reacts to the music!

YouTube Preview Image
CrunchyCo HQ Moving Locations

Hello everyone!

We’d like to inform you that CrunchyCo offices are currently in a transitional moving period that will be effecting our activities here for the next month or so.

We do not currently have normal access to our special computers and files, and we also do not have access to our physical shop inventory at the moment.

We will be up and running again sometime in March as soon as we get settled into a new location. Thank you for your never-ending patience! Check back for updates next month, and feel free to contact us with any questions.


The Crunchy Team

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