NW chip is dead :)




Here’s a few things I’ve recently added to the site:

– V/A Project PAL MP3 download now available (link)
– Stenobot Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together CD only version added to the SHOP (link)
– Notice added to the bottom of the SHOP page (link)

Look forward to a new release later tonight!

We’re Not Dead!

I’ve been without proper internet, Aaron’s always been the backend man, and Gabe’s just lazy. But fret not, CrunchyCo is not truly inactive, simply non-posting!

Be on the lookout for new KGHB in the coming months (old by now– not more than three years past the original release date, promise!) and be sure not to miss the duo at the EMP’s massive SkyChurch next Friday.

Chip-wise, check out Anamanaguchi’s newest single “Mess” plus any others I’m sure I’ve missed. Still at their official website.

Also still fresh on our plates is Stenobot’s “Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together“, so don’t forget to pick up a copy of your own, or just download it for free if you’re cheap like that (or have something against charity.)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for Gabe’s dramatic increase in motivation, Aaron’s new-found outgoing side, and perhaps even my own internet.

CR34 – Stenobot: Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together

Come along on a beautiful journey through joy and sorrow in this poignant new release from Stenobot. A unique blend of quirky Game Boy sounds and dreamy pop melodies, this 13 track album features Andy Myers (AKA Stenobot) using LSDJ combined with Casio SK-1 and Yamaha SHS-10 keyboards, guitar work, various audio samples, and vocal contributions by Andy himself, his son Julian, Heidi Alayne Wall, Jen Wood, and Jeff Suffering.

Andy Myers has been involved in the chiptune scene for years. As a writer for Nintendo Power between 2004-2007, his articles have highlighted Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, LSDJ, etc. In 2006 he did a chiptune remix for Optimus Rhyme, and is now one of the musical forces behind Seattle nerd-core group Supercommuter, who released their first album last year. Andy further progresses the scene with his solo project Stenobot, and now proudly presents his exciting first solo album!

This release is a free download, however 50 limited edition hard copies are available in the SHOP for $14.99.  The special edition of the CD includes a handmade, hard-bound photo book filled with 12 photos by Liralen Isaac, each picture corresponding with a song on the record. All proceeds from this release go directly to Child’s Play, a charity which aids hospitalized children in their recovery by providing spirit-lifting games and toys.


CR34 – Stenobot – Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together

Artist: Stenobot

Title: Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together

Year: 2010

Come on a beautiful journey through joy and sorrow in this poignant new release from Stenobot. Better known as the musical force behind Seattle’s Supercommuter, Stenobot brings a unique blend of quirky Game Boy sounds and dreamy pop melodies on his first solo album. Featuring vocals by Jen Wood (guest vocalist on The Postal Service’s ‘Nothing Better’ and ‘Such Great Heights’).


Historic day for KGHB

Today, the long awaited BSOD EP from our very own KGHB is officially completed! After 4 years of work, procrastination, misrecollection, and being lazy, the 7 songs were concluded and given to a mysterious man for the final post production mixing and mastering. Originally promised a 2008 release, it looks like the BSOD EP might actually come out in the near future.

In other news, Andy from Stenobot stopped by the CrunchyCo headquarters in Seattle to drop off a box of incredibly packaged hard copies of Sink or Swim We’ll Go Together. Look forward to getting one of these 50 limited prints available this Tuesday!

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