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Leeni Animation – Nothing In Between


“Nothing In Between” is the second collaboration between Seattle chiptune artist Leeni and animator James Franzen! This piece continues the story from their previous animation, “Headphones On Your Heart”, which was released 2 years and 5 months ago.  I’ve been waiting so long to enjoy this conclusion; does Leeni save her pixel friend? What has summoned Leeni into the 8 Bit Heart game world? Does the arcade cabinet get fixed?? Who was her mysterious ex-boyfriend?? ^_^

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Like the music from the animation?
Leeni – Nothing in Between (video remix) – MP3 FREE DOWNLOAD

If you missed the previous animation, or want to check out other Leeni videos, gander the links below:
Leeni – Headphones On Your Heart – LINK
Leeni – Underworld – LINK

Don’t forget to vote for the animation on Newgrounds! (LINK)

KGHB and Icarus Kid @ Nectar 12/15

For all you Seattle locals, make sure to head to the Nectar Lounge in Fremont this Wednesday for an all night smorgasbord of electronic fun. Hot performances by Icarus Kid, KGHB, and Dat’r, will be accompanied by dancing, drinking, and dancing while drinking in the Nectar’s radical two-tiered bar space. Come join the fun!

Icarus Kid w/ Dat’r & KGHB official Nectar Event Page
$6 cover, 21+

In which I review 8bc’s weekly top track*

Steady C‘s “I’m a Blast (THIS IS HIP HOP SON!)” is this recent week’s most liked track on 8bitcollective.
I couldn’t tell you why, to be honest. There doesn’t seem to be a lot in the way of chip involved in this track, beyond what sounds like a three second loop repeating throughout the entire song, topped by a hint of melody during the choruses (chorii?). This beat isn’t even worth repeating a standard four times, let alone for an entire song, but let’s disregard that for a moment.

Treating this as the rap song this is, it doesn’t fare any better. Beyond the simple ascending chip intro, a pretty standard white guy’s voice comes in, proclaiming out of nowhere “You never even suspected that I was ramming your sister, until you saw my kids in your family picture” going on to produce references to current youth subcultures (hipsters and ‘kandi’ ravers), never turning into anything worth a second listen.

The next verse starts off with more promise, attempts to be comedic, but falls far short of any Bloodhound Gang-like brilliance.
I didn’t even listen to the last verse. Sure, I listened through the song, but by this point my interest was already on another tab, thinking and writing up this review.
The song ends as it starts, in reverse. Descending nonmelodic outro and a sample of some kid talking. Unremarkable.

Basically, don’t listen to this song. I don’t know what the users of 8bc were thinking last week, but this track is just not very good. I was trying to start a weekly column for myself, but if this keeps up it may not happen.
I won’t even bother posting it here– if you’d like to listen yourself, please give your thoughts as to how one would enjoy it.

Here’s hoping next week’s gives me something better to work with.

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Update (Kind of)

Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful day of turkey last month. It is now December and we realize there hasn’t been any posts for awhile. Sorry for the delays, we’ve just been busy as usual with other things. If you’ve been a Crunchy follower for any length of time, you already know we tend to drop off the map every once in awhile. BUT, we always come back eventually, and with new and wonderful things to surprise you. Unfortunately, now is not that time, and I have nothing new and wonderful to share at the moment, sorry! I think the holiday season has brought out the laziness in us, as all we feel like doing is eating pie and playing video games. Perhaps we’ll make a new year’s resolution to get something done! Just keep checking in, following us on fb and twitter, and surely you will be amazed in the near future. Until then, have a great Christmas, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of year.


CR35 – Dexter – Dexter

Artist: Dexter

Title: Dexter

Year: 2010

Five colourful tracks coming from Britain to kick your arse! Dexter’s new flavourful speciality is chip-house, which will pump you up like a grotty moustache! Enjoy this savoury titbit, rumour has it Dexter is departing from the chip. Programme artwork by Arun Dhir.


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