If you’re going to PAX be sure to check out two spectacular CrunchyCo-sponsored chiptune events!

1. Friday. 11am. Wolfman Theatre. 8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music. Discuss everything 8-bit with Gabe Hayward (KGHB), Celene Ramadan (Leeni), Jack Waterman (Fighter X), Chris Lehfeldt (Infradead), and some or possibly all of the boys from Anamanaguchi.

2. Saturday. 1pm. JamSpace. Chiptune Showcase featuring Fighter X, Spamtron, Seanbad, Knife City, Zen Albatross, and possibly others!

This is going to be a weekend to remember, so DON’T MISS IT! Official PAX 2010 schedule here.