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CR31 Fruits

Live Animals makes their official debut on 7Deadly Records / Crunchy Records with their first EP! Enjoy the juicy taste of Bananas, Kiwis, and Pineapples, then more Kiwis! The Special Edition Fruits EP includes remixes by Deepearth.void, SeanBad, Spamtron, and Fighter X! Delicious!

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CR32 I Am a Fuckoka Raver

Another energy-pumped wave of wild Fuckoka power! USK delivers exactly what you want in this lengthy EP, a release he originally brought with him to the States during his trip to Seattle for Folklife 2010. If you didn’t pick up a copy at the show, don’t miss your chance to get one now! Cover artwork by Maru.

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V/A – Live at Shiftwave 2010

In case any of you missed Shiftwave 2010, or just want to relive the moment all over again, you can now download the audio from the show, recorded live from the main sound board at the Vera Project! 01. Infradead 02. McFiredrill 03. KGHB 04. SeanBad 05. Boys Club 06. Greenleaf Big thanks to Infradead for recording the event and […]

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CR35 Dexter

Five colourful tracks coming from Britain to kick your arse! Dexter’s new flavourful speciality is chip-house, which will pump you up like a grotty moustache! Enjoy this savoury titbit, rumour has it Dexter is departing from the chip. Programme artwork by Arun Dhir.

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