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CR36 Spamtron NGU

SPAM has done it again! In Never Give Up, the follow-up album to Never Say Die, the earthlings take to space to defend their dear planet. This time the battle is much longer, spanning across 26 tracks of crunchy chaos. Check out the full artwork by Ville Konttinen to find out which side appears victorious.

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Site up and running… I think

I spend my vacation working 40+ hours getting this site up and running again! Some new features that you will notice are… download links are working, catalog up through 2010 is up to date, new side column showing “recent news”, AND comments are enabled below posts. Before you had to sign up via wordpress, but not you can enter a […]

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Crunchy down due to JavaScript malware attack

If you’ve seen a blank screen in the last year… sorry about that, our PHP files were injected with JavaScript malware. I’m slowly trying to get things up and running again, mainly just for fun. Most artists prefer using sites like Bandcamp these days to post music, even myself. Some positive news, I printed & signed some ultra rare KGHB […]

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KGHB Live @ Folklife 2012

This is footage from the chiptune showcase performance at the EMP Sky Church on May 26th 2012. There are two versions for your viewing pleasure: The full 21 minutes of KGHB live at Folklife Festival and a condensed 6 minute version of the highlights. This was the very first show to feature a live saxophonist and was the premiere of […]

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NW Folklife — Artist Preview 2 of 4: Live Animals

Here’s another preview clip featuring Live Animals, just in time to get you more excited for the upcoming memorial weekend! Check back in two days for another Folklife featured artist!

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