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New Recordings from Crunchy Studios

During the stormy weekend, KGHB came into Crunchy Studios (aka Aaron’s bedroom) to record vocals for an upcoming 4 track EP titled “Chimptunes”. More details TBA.

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New Audio Player, Layout Changes, & More

It’s been a pretty interesting experience trying to restore the site after the hack… with WordPress always changing, I find many of plugins stop working. The old audio player we were using completely disappeared! Hopefully this new one stays around for awhile: Born2chip Another project of mine was to make navigation easier and add some goodies. For example, you can […]

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Catalog Update: CR36 & CR37

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed… our catalog finally includes the unreleased albums originally anticipated for 2010 release: As an additional bonus, the KGHB release includes never-before-heard early demos of each track! This is great for any fans that are interested in hearing what the raw MIDI versions of a KGHB start out like before […]

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Early version of the songs were started in 2007 and all recordings were finished in 2010… many fans thought this album would never see the light of day! It wasn’t until 2013 that the tracks were found and restored. The Crunchy edition of this release includes never-before-heard demos, enjoy! Big props to Scott Klep for the artwork.

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Artist Preview 3 of 4: Firedrill

Here’s an “artist preview” from last year that never got posted here! I really like this video of Firedrill, although it is kinda long… and dark. In the future, I should invest in a higher-quality camera so more YouTubers will check these out.

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