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Upcoming NW Chip Events for May

Shows are starting to heat up as we approach summer, here’s a shout-out for next month’s fiery events: Graz + Vidiot Present: 8-Blitzed Thursday, May 15th @ 7:00 Vidiot – 4210 SW Admiral Way, Seattle, Washington 98116 Come out and enjoy a drink, a game, and some of the finest retro bit dance music the Northwest has to offer at […]

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KGHB superstars back in action

Good times last night @ The Lookout! Thanks to anyone who came out to say hello. We put these costumes together last minute; bought black shirts a few hours before the show, cut off the sleeves, and spray painted our own “design”. This was supposed to be similar to our last show as Smuggling Chewbacca, where we also had sleeveless […]

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FREE KGHB Show in Seattle @ the Lookout

Saturday, March 1st 2014 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM FREE ENTRY 21+ @the Lookout 757 Bellevue Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98102 Surprise! KGHB decided to play a show after taking a break for a few years. This is to support our friend Kellyn’s touring band, The Main Arcade. This show celebrates the end of the Main Arcade’s west-coast tour AND […]

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CR38 Fruits v2.0

For all you fruity fans waiting for more Live Animals… here is Fruits v2.0. Experience an all new take on hit track “Kiwis”, a remix of unreleased track “Mangos” that never made it on v1.0, and an all-new track “Strawberries”. No remixes this time, but a whole lot more power due to the duo Midi-NES.

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Blast From the Past: Sound Off! 2009

As some may remember, KGHB was featured in Sound Off, Seattle’s annual “premier” 21 & under music competition. In 2008, we mailed in a demo for entry and were the first ones picked. For anyone interested, below is what the demo sounded like. It was pretty much a rushed and badly recorded version of BSOD. DAVE LOL ROCKET Sound Off […]

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