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New Anamanaguchi Singles Fortnightly

That’s right, our favorite pop-chip-rock band Anamanaguchi are releasing a new digital single every two weeks, for free! Through what looks to be no sooner than the end of summer, pick up a pair of tracks every chance you remember. Check out the first I’ve caught word of (maybe the first?), Airbrushed, and show your love for the ‘guchi. To download […]

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Dot Matrix Revolutions Re-Cap

If you attended Dot Matrix Revolutions last night, then you know what happened. Otherwise, this is where you can read about what you missed (and cry about it)! Coordinated by The Icarus Kid, this nighttime spectacle brought the 8-bit to the bar room at The Comet in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Being a 21+ show, there was a noticeable absence of […]

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Live Game Boy Music on the Internet

Tomorrow, 24 hours from now, Friday, July 16th, 7-9pm PT, live Game Boy music on the internet! Starring Fighter X! Featuring SeanBad. And maybe even more! Check it! Word to your mother.

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1-Bit Action Hero

8-bit chiptunes too much to handle? Tired of all these multi-layered, stereophonic sounds blasting your ears and mind from all directions? Try this on for size. Action Hero. This is 1-bit music, from an artist under the name of Alone Coder, created with a ZX Spectrum program “Beep Tracker”. I’m sure our lonely programmer is not the only one to […]

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New Anamanaguchi for Scott Pilgrim

World premiered (in the future!? No! Just a different time zone!) at 12:38PM today, have a tasty new track from Anamanaguchi! Created as a theme song for Scott Pilgrim, in perhaps both film and video game formats, this song comes via and thanks to Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley’s own blog. Check it out there now! http://radiomaru.com/2010/07/13/brand-new-anamanaguchi-track/

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