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Lo-Tek Resistance – Episode 9: Sakura-Con 2010

Nick and Jack of Fighter X head back to Sakura-Con to rock the pants off otaku harder than Girugamesh ever did! Little do they know, some tight-assed trouble is brewing on the horizon. Perhaps they’re just not Japanese enough? Should have brought their katanas because this one calls for a showdown. You can also view the video on YouTube.

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Lo-Tek 5 Preview – Sakura-Con 2009

Sakura-Con 2010 is upon us! To celebrate, here is a preview of the 2009 Lo-Tek episode, which is coming soon to CrunchyCo.com, soon to be followed by yet another episode covering this year’s events.

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Lo-Tek Resistance – Episode 8: PAX 2009

The Lo-Tek crew sets up camp outside the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle for the second time in this extra-long episode of Lo-Tek featuring more artists and more epic chiptune mayhem than ever before! Join Fighter X, Circles, and McFiredrill, along with special guests including Spamtron, A.R.Y., Knife City, Go Motion, Seanbad, Infradead, and Zen Albatross. Oh, and don’t forget […]

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Lo-Tek Resistance: Episode One – Capitol Hill
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Lo-Tek Resistance – Official Trailer
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