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Historic day for KGHB

Today, the long awaited BSOD EP from our very own KGHB is officially completed! After 4 years of work, procrastination, misrecollection, and being lazy, the 7 songs were concluded and given to a mysterious man for the final post production mixing and mastering. Originally promised a 2008 release, it looks like the BSOD EP might actually come out in the […]

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Countdown to PAX!

If you’re going to PAX be sure to check out two spectacular CrunchyCo-sponsored chiptune events! 1. Friday. 11am. Wolfman Theatre. 8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music. Discuss everything 8-bit with Gabe Hayward (KGHB), Celene Ramadan (Leeni), Jack Waterman (Fighter X), Chris Lehfeldt (Infradead), and some or possibly all of the boys from Anamanaguchi. 2. Saturday. 1pm. […]

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8-Bit Soundwaves Panel Update – PAX Prime

For those of you going to PAX Prime, the schedule of events has been posted! Don’t miss CrunchyCo’s 8-Bit Soundwaves panel on Friday September 3rd, 11am in the Wolfman Theatre. We’ve made some additions to the line-up of panelists, including the knowledgeable local Infradead, and some of the Anamanaguchi boys! Below is the event as listed in the official PAX […]

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Happy Birthday Aaron!

That’s right, CrunchyCo’s very own Aaron Campion has turned 23 today! I found this awesome Polaroid of him while digging through my mess of computer files. I have no clue who took it, or where it came from (and he will probably think it’s embarrassing), but I think it’s pretty sweet! Aaron and I have been good friends since we […]

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CrunchyCo Chiptune Panel @ PAX Prime

You heard right, CrunchyCo will be infiltrating PAX Prime this year to bring the chiptune experience to the gamer scene first hand.

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