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CR38 Fruits v2.0

For all you fruity fans waiting for more Live Animals… here is Fruits v2.0. Experience an all new take on hit track “Kiwis”, a remix of unreleased track “Mangos” that never made it on v1.0, and an all-new track “Strawberries”. No remixes this time, but a whole lot more power due to the duo Midi-NES.

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New Recordings from Crunchy Studios

During the stormy weekend, KGHB came into Crunchy Studios (aka Aaron’s bedroom) to record vocals for an upcoming 4 track EP titled “Chimptunes”. More details TBA.

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New Audio Player, Layout Changes, & More

It’s been a pretty interesting experience trying to restore the site after the hack… with WordPress always changing, I find many of plugins stop working. The old audio player we were using completely disappeared! Hopefully this new one stays around for awhile: Born2chip Another project of mine was to make navigation easier and add some goodies. For example, you can […]

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Catalog Update: CR36 & CR37

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed… our catalog finally includes the unreleased albums originally anticipated for 2010 release: As an additional bonus, the KGHB release includes never-before-heard early demos of each track! This is great for any fans that are interested in hearing what the raw MIDI versions of a KGHB start out like before […]

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Artist Preview 3 of 4: Firedrill

Here’s an “artist preview” from last year that never got posted here! I really like this video of Firedrill, although it is kinda long… and dark. In the future, I should invest in a higher-quality camera so more YouTubers will check these out.

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