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Countdown to PAX!

If you’re going to PAX be sure to check out two spectacular CrunchyCo-sponsored chiptune events! 1. Friday. 11am. Wolfman Theatre. 8-Bit Soundwaves: A Look into the World of Chiptune Music. Discuss everything 8-bit with Gabe Hayward (KGHB), Celene Ramadan (Leeni), Jack Waterman (Fighter X), Chris Lehfeldt (Infradead), and some or possibly all of the boys from Anamanaguchi. 2. Saturday. 1pm. […]

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8-Bit Soundwaves Panel Update – PAX Prime

For those of you going to PAX Prime, the schedule of events has been posted! Don’t miss CrunchyCo’s 8-Bit Soundwaves panel on Friday September 3rd, 11am in the Wolfman Theatre. We’ve made some additions to the line-up of panelists, including the knowledgeable local Infradead, and some of the Anamanaguchi boys! Below is the event as listed in the official PAX […]

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More Project PAL details revealed!

Kreese has released footage from the long awaited (by me at least) Project PAL cartridges! They have the old “reggae” style sticker artwork, and will be available as a very limited run of PAL-B NES album carts. A total of 32 exclusive carts will be made, however 7 have already been given away! I hope I will be able to […]

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Happy Birthday Aaron!

That’s right, CrunchyCo’s very own Aaron Campion has turned 23 today! I found this awesome Polaroid of him while digging through my mess of computer files. I have no clue who took it, or where it came from (and he will probably think it’s embarrassing), but I think it’s pretty sweet! Aaron and I have been good friends since we […]

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CR33 – V/A – Project PAL

Artist: V/A Title: Project PAL Year: 2010 Inspired by albums such as Alex Mauer’s VEGAVOX, Kreese and his ‘pals’ Wiklund and Zabutom came together to create the first European NES cart album! PAL and US cartridges will be coming soon for purchase and free download. Sticker artwork by Kreese and Ville Konttinen. MORE INFORMATION

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