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Live Animals at KTUB tonight!

I don’t know why I hadn’t found out about this earlier, but Live Animals are playing tonight at the Kirkland Teen Union Building with Triceracon, Night Terrors and Japanese artist Pressure Suit. This show is $2, at 148 Kirkland Ave. in Kirkland, WA, and runs from 8-11PM. Be there because I can’t!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2010

The biggest comic book convention in the western hemisphere is upon us again! Road-tripping it down to sunny San Diego, Webmaster Gabe will be attending the festivities and keeping an eye out for things of interest, of which there will be many. Stay tuned for news from the con as it is relayed back to Crunchy HQ, and a nice […]

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Dot Matrix Revolutions Re-Cap

If you attended Dot Matrix Revolutions last night, then you know what happened. Otherwise, this is where you can read about what you missed (and cry about it)! Coordinated by The Icarus Kid, this nighttime spectacle brought the 8-bit to the bar room at The Comet in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Being a 21+ show, there was a noticeable absence of […]

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Live Game Boy Music on the Internet

Tomorrow, 24 hours from now, Friday, July 16th, 7-9pm PT, live Game Boy music on the internet! Starring Fighter X! Featuring SeanBad. And maybe even more! Check it! Word to your mother.

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The Boom is Back 2010

Missed your chance to get down to the middle of nowhere Oregon (outside of Portland) last weekend? It’s alright, we here at CrunchyCo all did too. But 7 Deadly Records stars Live Animals most certainly did not, and thank god for our blog someone was filming! Briefly recognisable setting up, thanks to Dylan Fleck’s afro and Squirtle glasses, Seattle’s own […]

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